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How to add subtitle


Super DVD Creator supports DVD Subtitle (*.srt )files. You can add the DVD subtitle files to create the true DVD now.

We will guide you to add subtitle step by step

Add Subtitle in following window


Add clips click to add source clips(including all video formats) into the source list. You can move up/down or delete selected clip in the

list. All the add, delete, move up, move down operations are equal to right-click on the selected clip.

Click this button to choose DVD disc capacity. DVD - 9(8200MB) DVD - 5(4300MB)


Two ways to add subtitle


Right-click on selected clip, choose Add Subtitle File, then enter Subtitle Property Window to add and set Subtitle file. You can choose subtitle

language (this language must match subtitle files language, if not, your DVD will show odd code in subtitle area. )and subtitle font size for your favorite DVD. Click button to add subtitle(*.srt) file. if you want to delete it please click . When all is finished, click to save your setting, or click to close the window.


Click entry Subtitle Property Window. Following operation is the same as the first way. When all is finished, the Add Subtitle button will change to this

Attention: If the subtitle language do not match the *.srt files language, your DVD Will show odd code in subtitle area.


Subtitle in Option (for advance user)



User Define Subtitle Property:

Nation Name Input your country name
Font File *.ttc or *.ttf files
Character Set Every language has character set. you should input your language character set abbreviation. Such as: Chinese=EUC-CN; English=ISO-8859-1; French=ISO-8859-1; German=ISO-8859-1; Italian=ISO-8859-1; Japanese=EUC-JP; Korean=EUC-KR; Portuguese=ISO-8859-1; Russian=ISO-8859-1; Spanish=ISO-8859-1; Thai=TIS-620; Greek=ISO-8859-7
Nation Language Code Every language has a abbreviation in DVD. Such as: Chinese=ZH; English=EN; French=FR; German=DE; Italian=IT; Japanese=JA; Korean=KO; Portuguese=PT; Russian=RU; Spanish=ES; Thai=TH; Greek=EL
Attention: If the subtitle language do not match the *.srt files language, your DVD Will show strange character in subtitle area.

Subtitle setting in Option is different from Add Subtitle in How To Create My First DVD- step 2. User define Subtitle Property is ready for advanced user only.

Attention :
DVD language must correspond the original language of your *.srt file. More than eleven kinds of languages are available, on the other hand you can add more language definition.

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