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How to Create DVD to HD

DVD Folder includes VIDEO_TS and AUDIO-TS folders. VIDEO_TS includes three files(*.IFO/ *.BUP/ *. VOB). So, DVD folder is same as DVD Disc in all traits, only difference is saved in PC hard disk.

We will guide you to create DVD to HD step by step

Step1: Setting in Option interface

Delete Temp Files means the temp folder which save some files when converting and burning will be deleted . The target DVD will be saved in the DVD Folder which you could choose to directly burn to disc next time.

We have introduced how to create DVD in How to create my first DVD, Vob Convert or (convert video to vob), DVD Compiler. So we directly go to the following step.

Step2: Set the directory of DVD Folder

Attention: Super DVD Creator auto create DVD Folder in last HD. if you don't set the output fold route by yourself please find it at last HD. There is no enough capacity in last HD software would create it at second last, and so on.

Step3: Find DVD in HD

to start conversion task. When task is finished please find your DVD in HD.


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