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How to create and edit chapter

Super DVD Creator supports DVD Chapter Menu. DVD Chapter Menu, as you know the True DVD include the DVD Chapter Menu. So you can organize a large number of clips on one DVD Disc, and it is easy to play any each chapter clips on your home DVD Player. With Super DVD Creator you can create true DVD Chapter Menu only one click.

We will guide you to create and edit chapter step by step

1 . Create and edit chapter in DVD Disc Builder

Create and edit chapter Run Super DVD Creator and add source files(all video formats are included). Choose Add DVD Menu check box, Then reach following interface.

Chapter Property Window: split each clip into more than 2 chapters.

Clip Property Window: change chapter button image.

1. Create Chapter Menu

( you can create 99 Chapter Menu ) choose one clip in preview area and click to create chapter

menu. to add text to background, Double-click text to edit. to delete Chapter button.

chapter property to enter chapter property which enables you to split each clip into more than 2 chapters. Choose your desired time on the hour, min and sec in option box. After you set the time, to insert the setup time, modify the former time or delete the chapter. For example, in the situation like the Chapter Property window displays above, if you set a new time for a chapter started 00:00:18, , you will get three chapters as the above window shows.

2. Change chapter image Double -click one chapter menu in preview area Clip Property Window will pop up. you can change chapter button image.
3.Choose background you can choose background picture in the list or use your own picture to personalize your DVD background.
4.Add Root Menu Check Auto Add DVD Root Menu Back button will be show in your DVD and work as backing operation.

1. when you set time to slip chapter. if the set time is longer than files whole time, you will get the following instruction. click OK to reset time

2. If you input invalidation time (beyond the clip ), the following instruction will pop up. click OK to cancel the option.


2. Create and edit chapter in DVD Compiler


Following operations are same as the description in Create and edit chapter in DVD Disc Builder . Create chapter also introduced in How To Create My First DVD --- step 2 too.

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