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What's rm rmvb :

As you know, these two kinds of formats, RM and RMVB, are less than superior in technology side. But as a result of their ubiquitous usage on the internet, these two formats have stayed as, with several other formats, indispensable types in the market. MP4 products at present are alleged to support many kinds of formats through self-enabled decoding ability, but not RM/RMVB, thus largely decreased practicability. In this age of internet ubiquity, RM/RMVB as container of videos have dominated most PCs. To play RM/RMVB videos requires decoding of files by some kind of soft, and adds to the demands for higher quality of chips in a portable video player. For PC, it must has a PIII level of CPU ,in order to support automatic decoding and playing ,while some video players, after some optimizations till now, have been able to support as high quality as QVGA for RMVB decoding.

RM (RealMedia) is a digital sound and video file format that is the registered trademark of RealNetworks. This format is typically used to stream media through the net. It can be played with the RealOne player or with other media players using the Real Alternative codec. RealMedia (comprised of RealVideo, RealAudio, and other file formats created by Real) use compression algorithms for eliminating data.
Rmvb is an abbreviation for Real Media variable bitrate. It is a type of video file, playable with RealPlayer from RealNetworks.

Create DVD with DVD subtitle (*.srt subpicture) and DVD Menu (submenu) from rm rmvb with Super DVD Creator
      You need to realone player to play rm rmvb file,and super dvd creator need it too if you want to convert rm and rmvb to dvd .
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Super DVD Creator was designed to convert and burn your AVI Asf Wmv DivX Xvid RM QT Rmvb files to DVD SVCD or VCD with DVD Chapter Menu and subbitle(*.srt). You can use this software to create DVD/VCD from your digital video recorder, Webcam, or downloaded files. Super DVD Creator is a powerful, splendid and simple to use application for AVI Rm Divx Wmv Asf RM to VCD, AVI Rm Divx Wmv Asf Rmvb to DVD SVCD VCD DVD video converting and burning.


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Create DVD from Avi ,Xvid RM,Wmv,Asf,Avi  Divx  Mpeg file with DVD Menu and DVD subtitle (*.srt).
Create SVCD from Avi ,Xvid RM,Asf,Wmv,Avi  Divx  Mpeg file
Create VCD from RM,Asf,Wmv,Avi  Divx Mpeg file
Convert RM,Asf,Wmv Avi  Divx Mpeg file to DVD Mpeg or VOB(PAL / NTSC)
Support RM,Asf,Wmv,Avi,Mpeg,Divx,Xvid ,Mov media format.
Burn Media files to DVD VCD SDVD Video-Disc.
DVD VCD SVCD Video Disk Burner Inside !
Build DVD in 60 mins .(depends on your system speeds)
Batch convert all movies direct to DVD or VCD SVCD.
Create DVD with DVD Chapter Menu just one click.
Easy to add DVD Subtitle files to create a DVD with subtitle.
High picture quality and fastest converting speed.
Multilingual user interface support : (English,French,Chinese,German,Italian,Japanese,Spanish,etc.)



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